I lost my heart in Heidelberg

By Jan Formann


Welcome to the show

A gig in Heidelberg, southern Germany.  It is getting more and more common for international companies to make “after work – come together parties” into an event with English speaking performers, magicians and staff. Many Restaurants in Heidelberg are just inviting to arrange such events with a beautiful old city, a river and a castle as scenery. I Lost My Heart in Heidelberg” (German: Ich hab’ mein Herz in Heidelberg verloren) is a German song composed in 1925. Many Americans actually lost their heart to German women after the Americans arrived in Heidelberg on March 30th, 1945. It is said, that Heidelberg was saved from all bombings (all of the historical structures were intact), because the Americans wanted this area after the war as headquarters. Another story is that the chief of the American Airforce already lost his heart in Heidelberg and fell in love with a girl from Heidelberg before the war. Anyway, Heidelberg became the home of the Army’s European Headquarters, 7th Army Reserve Command, and 5th Corps Headquarters. Now the multinational Nato Headquarters was deactivated in 2013. The Americans who stayed are mostly married with German girls.

Two old friends of mine William Mackenzie (Canadian) and Nessi Tausendschön (German) told me this secret:

”Marriage is similar to poker. You start up with two Hearts and a diamond, and end up with a spade in your hand and a club on your back”

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